Unwrap the mystery with Cheats and Hacks

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The Asphalt Xtreme is almost available in all the best electronic devices and the best part of the game is that for the racers it’s the last RESORT!!!

If you are looking for fun with adventure than driving the best powerful vehicle on a screen can really cause an adrenaline flush in your veins. The racers can be taken in different countries with almost different calamities to discover something new for them. The game definitely seduces you with their ultimate graphics and the scenario is also very fascinating as well.asphalt x september 2016

There are certain tricks that are involved in the game while playing that will help you winning and achieving the best for yourself. Few of the tricks are:

  • Cheats are available on the internet that can help you in gaining the unlimited stars, tokens, and credits.
  • Do remember to buy the cheats from an authentic website only, as there are a lot of risks involved in the buying them. So do read the reviews too, so that you do not land up with wasting your money on something that doesn’t worth it.
  • To work properly the cheats should be like that it should be bought and no one should know about the same and if something got discovered it can end up getting your account closed too. So, if you are looking forward to buying something that can boost your score do take care of your security factor of your as well.
  • The cheats are available for almost every platform and you can use them in all the mobile service providers.
  • There are hack tokens available online for all the platforms of the Asphalt Xtreme to play well. These tokens can be the key to an unlimited treasure that you have never thought of in your dreams as well. So do unwrap the same for you, but do take care of the precautions that are involved with the package too.
  • With the availability of the tokens and credits you can upgrade your game to any level and can have the access to the future endeavors of all kinds too.
  • Do register on the website for the cheats and tokens only when you know the credibility of the same, if it is not, then do not register at all, as you can end up by losing your money worth at all.
  • These are some of the tricks or you can say the short cut to success but the best part will only occur when you will not consider any of them and will explore everything according to your worth.
  • The cheats and hacks for Asphalt Xtreme can be bought, but in a longer run, this will not help you as it is adding anything to your personality, so buy them but try your capability as well to win the race.

Life is a race with no short cut. Consider the Asphalt Xtreme as one of the same and explore the best you have.

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Do Southern American Idol Fans Skew Voting Results?

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Okay, it’s time for another rant. I received a press release in my inbox today entitled, “Does Cingular’s Southern Charm Skew ‘American Idol’ Results?” My first response to the title, before even reading the release was, “Yes!!” For many seasons now, I’ve been wondering why all five American Idol winners have been from the South. Where’s the East or West Coast lovin’? Maybe it’s just coincidence, but something seems a little biased to me! Southern Idols have had Cingular saving their butts throughout each season due to the amount of text messages sent in for voting. And why wouldn’t there be a lot of text messages coming in—you sure can’t ever vote by phone because the line is ALWAYS BUSY.Did you know that Cingular Wireless has a dominant share of its subscriber base in the South—20 million to be exact!


And that nearly 18 million of Cingular subscribers text message? So that explains why Southerner Taylor Hicks won this year; California-native Katharine McPhee just didn’t have a chance! Taylor had the entire south to back him up with their Cingular votes. So why didn’t the Southerners back up my man Chris Daughtry (who is from North Carolina), who really should’ve won in my humble opinion?Of course, it was smart for Cingular to jump into the whole text-messaging voting thing when they had the chance. I think they knew as much as the fans that American Idol was going to be a hit. But having an exclusive relationship with the show—I don’t know if that was smart on Fox’s part. How can the voting process NOT be biased? There was talk that the night before Chris was eliminated, his voting phone line was redirected to another contestant’s; thus skewing his voting results. I don’t know if this really happened, but it has happened before on previous seasons. All I know is, I’m with the daughtrygang!

From the press release:”Cingular has partnered with the show’s producers to provide text-message voting solely from Cingular phones, so it’s certainly possible that Southern subscribers might have more of a voting edge, than those in other regions in the U.S.,” Hull said. “Had ‘American Idol’ partnered with another carrier with a higher percentage of their subscriber base in another region, the results might have been different.”Following is a breakdown of Cingular subscribers by region, based on data compiled by NPD for April 2006:+ South:  46 percent (20 million subscribers)+ West: 23 percent (10 million subscribers)+ Northeast:  16 percent (6 million subscribers)+ Central:  15 percent (7 million subscribers)+ Taylor Hicks (2006): Birmingham, Alabama+ Carrie Underwood (2005): Checotah, Oklahoma+ Fantasia Barino (2004): High Point, North Carolina+ Ruben Studdard (2003): Birmingham, Alabama+ Kelly Clarkson (2002): Burleson, TexasDon’t get me wrong; we’re lucky to have southerners like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. They’re both amazing singers. I just wish there was something that the show could fix with the voting process. Sometimes it just seems too one-sided to me. Maybe they should start allowing us to e-mail our votes? Then maybe it’d be a bit more fair? But I suppose in Reality TV Land, there’s no such thing as fair.

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Timbuk2 Datadump Laptop Backpack: Hands-On Review

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Thanks to senior editor Sean Carroll for this post!I love this bag. And to judge by the many compliments I got while carrying it, so did nearly everyone around me. Comments ranged from: “I lust after your bag,” from a total stranger on my train to “I love your bag, you ***,” from an apparently jealous Laarni Ragaza (a frequent Gearlog contributor) who burst into my office and offered that by way of a morning greeting.


The TimBuk2 Datadump is a terrific bag (it’s in the fall/winter line so not available yet, but check back at the site for details). It’s great looking, well designed, and a pleasure to carry, whether you’re loading it up for a long weekend or just carrying your laptop and daily junk back and forth to work.Lots of well-designed details make the Datadump desirable. The top zippered opening, for example, is an enormous wide-mouth that gives easy access to your stuff but snaps down to the sides for a sleeker look when closed. Inside the capacious main compartment is an MP3 pocket with a headphone port that leads out the top of the pack, as well as a net compartment that holds the cable sack. On the exterior are two lightly padded side pockets with a variety of interior pockets, pouches, tethers and so on designed for credit cards, keys, cell phones, and even 32-ounce water bottles. Finally, the large laptop compartment is easily accessed via a side zipper, and it’s well padded, with a corduroy lining. I actually found the bag more comfortable to carry with a laptop, as it lent the bag a certain additional rigidity.

Few bags are that well made. The Datadump is made from ballistic nylon with well padded contoured shoulder straps and a rigid padded carrying handle that’s also handy for getting the bag onto your shoulders, if you’ve got it loaded up for a longer trip. If you’re doing some serious traveling, you’ll appreciate extras like the waterproof rubberized bottom, the attachments loops on the shoulder straps (they let you dangle more junk off the pack) and the nicely padded back panel with an air channel cut into the center. There’s even a removable waist strap.The bag isn’t cheap, at $100 MSRP, but you really have to look at this as a serious day pack that happens to have a laptop compartment, and not just another laptop bag. It comes in black and gray, brown and burnt orange (the color scheme that I carried), navy and slate blue, and soft green and silver. I’d recommend this bag. In fact, when they’re available later this year, I’ll probably buy one for myself.

Preview: Secret Agent Clank

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Each time I think I’m over the Ratchet & Clank games, somehow, some way, they pull me back in. The driest character in all of videogame-dom — the ever-resourceful Swiss Army knife/robot known as Clank — is the star of the show this time in this PSP-only endeavor (though, if history has taught us anything, it’s that these PSP-only titles usually get a PlayStation 2 port within a few months). The game gets off to a terrific start, doling out a big, dynamic environment to explore: a just-plundered museum. (Minor spoiler: It was apparently plundered by, of all people, Ratchet. Let the intrigue begin!) The emphasis in the game’s early going is, curiously, on stealth tactics. Ratchet, looking quite sharp in a tuxedo, must find a way through a gauntlet of flashlight-wielding security bots, mechanical guard dogs, and lasers in order to gather clues about Ratchet’s involvement in the plundering. Within moments, the avalanche of gadgets, gear and mayhem-causing weaponry begins — which is of course typical of all Ratchet & Clank games.


These games always remind me of a vaudeville-era comedian: If you don’t like a joke, don’t fret; before you have a chance to complain or decide you don’t like something, more jokes are already on the way. The same holds true in Ratchet & Clank games. Not fond of a particular weapon or piece of gear? Wait a few minutes, and voila, you’ll have something with which to replace it. In addition to what appears to be a judo chop, Clank also gets a Tie-a-Rang (think Bat-a-Rang, but in the shape of a bow tie) and a Blackout Pen (an ink-shooting pen useful for dousing lasers at their source) within the game’s first 10 minutes.

Without the Bondian equivalent of a Q, Clank’s gadgets are delivered, quite literally, from the sky via tiny, glowing suitcases. Clank can also sneak up behind unsuspecting guards and execute a stealth kill which require hitting four face buttons before a timer expires. If you’ve survived any of the palm-sweat-inducing boss fights from the God of War series, then you can certainly manage inputting X, X, Triangle, Square without too much trouble. The Ratchet & Clank games have always provided a competent third-person action experience, but the real reason to play the games has been the Pixar-esque visuals and above-average — and quite funny — writing. Example: While winding my way across the museum floor, ducking and weaving through the roving flashlight beams, I encountered a fern. The game prompted me to press the Triangle button if I wanted to hide in the fern. So, I pressed the Triangle button, and Clank grabbed two leaves, held them above his head, and stood very still. Though this might not sound terribly funny to you, it made me laugh out loud.

Perhaps my standards are lower than they should be. Who knows? Despite a camera that requires more babysitting than a newborn — get ready to push those shoulder buttons early and often, folks — the UMD is shaping up to be a solid installment in the series and another quality title for PSP owners. If you’re a Clank fan — and how can you not be? — you should be pleased with what Secret Agent Clank has to offer. Will it get a Try? A Buy? A Fry? Tune in next month, kids, for the full-frontal Crispy G. review.This preview was based on a preview build of the game provided by the publisher.

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Rush, Boom, Turtle: How to Make an RTS

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So let’s say you’re making a real-time strategy game. I’m going to do you a favor and explain exactly how to do it. Ready?

Step One: Make an RTS. So far, so good.

Step Two: Go to Staples and get a big whiteboard and a red marker. Red is better for how much it looks like shouting. I want you to hang this whiteboard in your work area, and on it, I want you to write this across the very top:THINGS TO PUT IN MY REAL-TIME STRATEGY GAMEGo ahead and use all caps, because, yes, it’s that important. Now I’m going to tell you the things that need to go on the whiteboard. Those you don’t have to write in all caps, but remember to keep using the red marker. Yes, they’re that important.1) Hotkeys, hotkeys, hotkeysSeriously, come on. Stop expecting everyone to learn the icons on your tiny little buttons, especially if you’re going to have units with special abilities like bloodlust and sandbag emplacements and fireballs. You want me to hunt down my unit, mouse-click some indeterminate button, and then click on a target?

download (1)

Ha ha ha! You might as well just add a Whack-a-Mole mini-game.And stop leaning so heavily on my mouse. In fact, I should theoretically be able to play your RTS without ever touching my mouse. And please let me configure the hotkeys however I want. There’s no standard, yet, among RTSes like there is with shooters using WASD. I’m serious about this one. Notice that it’s my number-one point. That says I mean business. Don’t make me come over there.2) Unit statsOne of the quickest ways to kill your RTS is to make me feel like I’m just throwing units around without understanding what they do or how good they are at doing it. If I ever have to ask “What’s this one do?” you have failed. If I have to, I will illustrate the point with a LOLCAT image of a cat hilariously missing a jump up to the kitchen counter.

The model for detailed unit data — actually for almost all of the stuff I’ll be mentioning in this column — is Big Huge Games’ Rise of Nations and Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends. They allow you to turn on detailed unit information, which includes stats, indicators for any buffs and debuffs on the units, and tips to about the units against which they’re effective. You can even see these details for enemy units. The anti-model is Supreme Commander, a game with an extremely wonky and mathematically driven economy that gets all coy when it comes to numbers for the actual units. In fact, if you want to know units stats in Supreme Commander, you have to go to a Web site run by a fan, complete with ads.

Why not have a cold, refreshing Diet Pepsi along with the damage rating for your Cybran gunship?Sins of a Solar Empire also fails, presenting flavor instead of helpful info. Under the hood is an esoteric and unintuitive combat system. For instance, fighters are the best way to counter siege ships. Huh? Whoda thunk? That’s like attacking catapults with archers. This lack of unit data is huge flaw in an otherwise swell game. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake when you make your RTS, or I’ll dig up that LOLCAT thing I was talking.


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