How much Klout do you have on social media?

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I have a score of 56.  That’s my Klout score, the measure of my social influence on the internet.  I stumbled across Klout 3 months ago when is was doing some research for my blog.

What the heck is Klout?

Klout is a website that measures your social influence using a complicated algorithm to blend information from different social media sources.

The science behind the Score examines more than 400 variables on multiple social networks beyond your number of followers and friends. It looks at who is engaging with your content and who they are sharing it with. – Klout .com
It then presents you with your Klout score, which is suppose to tell you how much of an authority you are in the social media world.
Klout also lets you assign topics that you feel you are an authority on. They then ask you questions based on those topics for you to answer and show off your knowledge.

Klout offers “Perks”. Perks are items offered by businesses to Klout members who are influential. states that Chevy allowed certain influencers to drive a Chevy Volt around for the weekend. Disney sent out tickets and merchandise to other influencers for the release of Tangled. The thinking for these businesses is obvious. If they can get there products in the hands of a someone who has a lot of social influence, they can generate a lot of buzz on via social media. The most I’ve been offered so far is a free Red Bull newsletter
Klout also operates as a little bit of a social network. You can invite your friends to follow you on Klout. They will be able to see your Klout score, look at some of your popular posts from across the social networks you have collected, and “give you Klout” for the answers you give in your topics.
Sound like a pretty neat idea? I thought so, but Klout has yet to take off.  Social media types have taken a lot of issues with the way scores have been calculated, and Klout has tinkered with their algorithms more then one to try to fix some of these issues. It was released 3 and a half years ago but still remains in beta.

Why Do I Enjoy Klout

I know my Klout score doesn’t yet carry much reworld value, but I still enjoy the Klout and here’s why:
1) Potential – just because your Klout doesn’t carry much value currently, doesn’t mean it won’t gain traction in near future. Klout continues change their algorithms and add new features. As of this month, they are now linked to Bing and will be starting to show Klout scores in the the search results for top influencers. There have also been articles written about employers using Klout scores to make job hiring decisions. As they continue to fine tune and grow, they just may become relevant. It’s still early enough in the process to get in on the ground floor.
2) Free and Easy – Klout doesn’t cost anything and is simple to check in, use, and manage. It really doesn’t require much time commitment at all, I check in for maybe 10 minutes every other day. I answer a question, check my score, friend a new influential person or 2 and I’m done.
3) Motivating – I happen to have a competitive streak in me. If I can make a game or a competition out of something, I work harder and stay more motivated. My tasks also becomes more fun.
I really enjoy using Klout to find out what the scores are for bloggers who’s work I admire.  Then I target them!  I make it a goal to have a higher Klout score then them -I’m coming for you Ant Pruitt .  It motivates me to write and post consistently so that I can generate more interaction, which in turns gives me a higher Klout score.  This has been the most valuable part of Klout for me.
Answering the Klout Topic questions has also given me inspiration for future articles. It’s really nice when I can write a 1 paragraph topic response and then paste it over into WordPress as part of a future article.
If you haven’t tried Klout, I’d recommend stopping in and giving it a shot. The potential far outweighs the effort it takes to sign up and manage. When you stop in, make sure you stop by my Klout profile and say hi!
So what’s your Klout score? Is Klout something you would consider signing up for? Let me know in the comments below.

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